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Mobile Crane


Manlift specializes in aerial work platforms such as access equipment rental lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, and vertical lifts.

  • Less Downtime.
  • Cost Savings.
  • Better Utilisation.
  • Support the Environment.
Mobile Crane


an articulated boom lift contains multiple sections that can articulate at various angles, allowing the operator to reach over and above obstacles. Articulated boom lifts are available in both diesel and an electric power sources.

  • Better Maneuverability – A boom lift is the better choice if you need to maneuver around objects. The long arms can be angled in many directions to access hard-to-reach places.
  • Higher Lift Heights – Boom lifts usually extend much higher than scissor lifts.
Mobile Crane


Telescopic boom lifts allow quick boom extension and offer extended outreach. Telescopic booms have active oscillating axles and four-wheel drive, ensuring maximum terrain ability and traction.

  • Aerial work platforms
  • Articulated boom lifts and vertical lifts
  • Scissor lifts
Mobile Crane


A scissor lift is a mechanical lifting platform used to provide temporary access for people and equipment to elevated and inaccessible areas. The device achieves vertical movement through the use of linked folding supports arranged in a crisscross or scissors-like pattern.

  • Ease of Use.
  • Compact Size.
  • Minimum Floor Space.
  • Easily Customizable.
Mobile Crane


Electric Forklifts derive power from fuel cells or Lead Acid Batteries. The carriage serves as the base to the forklift. The Carriage is fixed on mast rails so that it can be easily moved upward and downward. The Mast is a vertical part that lifts up and pushes down the loads.

  • Pollution Free.
  • Reduced Heat Dissipation.
  • Lesser Overall Costing.
  • Comes In Many Varieties
Mobile Crane


Also known as forklift drivers, forklift operators drive industrial trucks and specialize in warehouse transportation. Their primary responsibilities include loading and unloading warehouse material, optimizing loads to ensure operational efficiency, and identifying damages to vehicles.

  • Forklifts allow companies to easily move goods around.
  • It eliminates the need for manpower and reduces the amount of time required to move goods.
  • Forklifts also allow companies to move things up and down to higher locations than what could be reached by hand.
Mobile Crane


Telehandlers are multi-purpose machines that lift, move and place material. A telehandler accepts different attachments to lift, move and place materials ranging from bricks and gravel to lumber. Telehandlers offer an efficient way to move materials around the Jobsite quickl

  • Capable of on-road and off-road driving.
  • High load capacity and flexibility.
  • Impressive loading height and reach.
  • Versatility.


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